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Japanese businesstrip

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

For Raph that is, I was merely along for the ride.

The initial circumstances made that we were rather happy going to Japan.

We were leaving this (Seoul, -5 degrees)

going to this (Osaka, 10 degrees)

Unfortunately, it soon deteriorated into (Tokyo, -2 degrees)

which made us pretty much like

Anyway, the trip.

We popped over on monday. We woke up at 5:something (eugh) to get to the airport. If you connected what you saw in the first picture with the reality of airport management you’ll be able to postulate that 5:something could easily have been 6:something or even 7.

Arrival in Osaka followed eventually and I was certainly happy I had made dinner plans, not lunch plans as we’d never have made that.
I made dinner plans with my old 部長(I think I got that right, department head) from my time at Mitsubishi Electric and it was very nice catching up what has been going on in the lives of those people I shared 8 months with.

Minagawa-san, well aware of our dietary restriction, managed to snag a reservation at a specialized Tofu restaurant.

All of which was very tasty. There’s pictures of the façade of the restaurant here. I do not, however know exactly where it is. From my memory, honmachi subway station, exit 21, after 20 metres or so go right and follow the main road until you pass a temple on the right, right after go right and it should be on the corner. If not, ask the 7/11, you should be close enough.

The next day Raphaëlle spent 8 hours talking to clients. Actually talking, 2 meetings both with 3 presentations each she was quite hoarse when we met up for dinner. In all that time though she hadn’t gotten around to specifying the whole vegetarian thing.


If you walk away from laying the foundations for many 10s of thousands worth of business deals (and this one has great potential) and are led into a place were meals start at €100. Well, if you’re going to eat meat, why not eat Kobe beef.
I am very curious how raph will communicate this for the next trip in March/April.

Back to the non-chronological order that is this post. Before dinner I had some time to wander around Kobe while Raph talked.

So I got to see the earthquake memorial quay, specially not repaired to reflect the damage caused by the 1995 Earthquake.

Some random harbour wandering

China Town

And Kitano, the foreign section.

Yes, that’s in front of Oranda (Holland with Japanese accent) house.

After Kobe we took the late night shinkansen to Tokyo so we could take the early morning train to Hitachi which wouldn’t require another 5:something alarm clock.

The hotel in Ginza made for some nice midnight photography opportunities.

And I was able to learn something of the roots of a famous Japanese institution, yoshinoya.

Hitachi city is . . . well, living there made raph more adamant about living in a larger city. This year’s vulcanus-jin to Hitachi were this year’s biggest party animals. We mourn for you.

It is a pretty city though, it would be better if I’d taken this in Sakura season though. A 1.2 km long road lined with sakura trees.

Admittedly you do have to go and look for it.

The next day we were back in Tokyo. As Raph’s facebook said:

in Tokyo. Love Tokyo. Love it love it love it.

Where we learn that Raph really likes . . . Tokyo? However, Tokyo might have been sending negative messages regarding our visit.

So we were forced to stick to indoor activities. It actually brought to our attention how jaded we were with Tokyo. There was nothing so see. I’ve been to all of it. Especially indoor stuff. There’s a now Tokyo tower being built and I missed the gundam in Odaiba

which has already been decommissioned. While it is currently somewhere, I don’t know where. If it’s lucky, the gundam is touring the world.

But indoor things? Hadn’t been to the anime museum, the Helloo Kitty museum, the Ghibli museum I do still all have to see, but considering all that is Tokyo, that’s not a lot.

Speaking of Ghibli. After the daytime Yurikamome trip we saw this:

which, at set times of the day does this:

Being back in Tokyo, we had aimed to meet up with some of our old Vulcanus-jin. Unfortunately, what we’d not realized is that while there’s a fair few in Tokyo, they actually live in “Tokyo”. And “Tokyo” is kind of big.

Jorge, though, lives in the Roppongi hills and was available for some Izakaya visits. On friday together with a trainee at the Vulcanus EU-Japan coop center and on Saturday with Sato-san herself.

And on that fateful day we got this shot:

If you’re not a Vulcanus-jin, this probably doesn’t mean much to you. But that’s Sato-san in Purikura!!!!!!!!

Sunday, we headed back to Seoul. Just in time to see this:

And wasn’t that a nice sight to leave Japan with.

For any additional pictures of the trip click here.


Quote of the Day:

Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart.

– Haruki Murakami

No more Uni courses

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This isn’t a poetic post.

It does come with a little dance, but the medium of words won’t convey that.

After claims like this one came the one that I wouldn’t have have to do coursework again. But that was a premature statement. Had the last courses I had handed in come back with a failing grade I’d still be fucked.

Course code       Course name                                                                                                                       Result      Result date

AE4-735 Fatigue of Structures and Materials 6  18-03-2010
AE4-684 Fibre Reinforced Mat in Aerosp Structur. 6  05-03-2010

The course results aren’t fabulous. But they’ll see me to that piece of paper.

So now it’s true. No need for any more university courses, exams, papers.


Just me and my thesis.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to remember how to use that program I used to score an 8 for something else to do my work for me. Just because I passed it is apparently no guarantee I can actually do it. Go figure.



AE4-535 I Structural Design and Optimization I 9  18/03/2010

I’d passed that some time last year. With a 7.
I’m not sure what happened there, but you won’t hear me complaining about it.


Quote of the day:

And then god made the booby and saw it was good
so he made another one

– Prof Sotiris Koussios, Greek Lover
Coordinator of  AE4-684

It’s official

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Update BSc

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This was the status of my overview of grades this morning. 2 months after finishing my last course the people at administrations have finally caught up. (No, I was still 4 credits short Friday)


In related news I have yet to receive official word that I have finished it.

Nor have I been invited to come pick it up.

Also, it still doesn’t show any progress in my master.


People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children

– Bill Watterson

Wally Nes BSc.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I have been hard at work to finish school.

Don’t laugh.

And it seems I’ve finally gotten somewhere.

For the longest time all my Bachelor needed to be completed were 3 courses. Numerical Analysis, Flight Dynamics and Dynamics and Stability.
Unoriginally I had chosen the 3 hardest courses to get stuck on.

last 5

CT4701 is a civil engineering course in my Master’s list.
WI3097TU and WI3097TU-c is just the university doubletagging numerical analysis
AE3302 is Flight Dynamics
Ae3914 is Dynamics and Stability

You can leave one 5 on your list.

Wally Nes BSc.

My goal is to have that BSc changed to MSc before the end of 2010. Considering I have 3 assignments and a final thesis left for that I should be OK.


Quote of the day:


– Wally Nes BSc

Exam week

Monday, August 17th, 2009

If I don’t pass these exams I won’t get my Bachelors degree

If I don’t get my Bachelors degree I won’t be able to start on my final thesis

If I can’t start on my final thesis I won’t be able to go to Korea

If I don’t go to Korea I may lose Raph


Quote of the week: