Reading aids in Japan

If you are like me you spend quite a bit of time with your nose in a book.
Or perhaps an e-reader of some sort.
Maybe you read articles on the internet instead.

I don’t care too much about what I’m reading. It used to have to contain either elves, dragons or space-ships or I wouldn’t be interested. But over the years I’ve developed a taste in a wide range in what I read.

I just finished Waiting by Ha Jin which has no elves, dragons or space-ships in it and I appreciated it nevertheless.
I’ve opened up Merchants of doubt, which was recommended by Elon Musk (not personally) and is non-fiction, a genre that generally has a pretty major lack of elves and dragons (although space ships do feature occasionally).
I’m reading Vermillion with my wife, but while it has talking bears, leopard seals an undead there has not been any elves, dragons and spaceships so far and that has been a huge disappointment in an otherwise fine novel.
I’m waiting for my lovely wife to finish Raising steam already so I can GET MY FUCKING FIX OF DRAGONS AND WIZARDS ALREADY.

At the same time I have some of the best of 2014 on my phone just in case I find myself too far away from a book. Although there’s generally one or two in my bag at any one time.

I have a problem these days though. My commute just got shorter.
Well great, you say. Less time to get to- and from work is excellent, right?
But I do part of my reading on my commute and the 3 minute ferry ride I have now just doesn’t afford the time to get into a passage the way my 7 minute ferry had. And now I only walk 2 minutes to the office after the ferry instead of the 5 previously.
Obviously, I have some first world problems.

But do you ever get like that where you don’t want to put down a book?
I took a morning off a couple of months ago because I came to the conclusion of a series and I needed to read those last 100 pages RIGHT NOW! (I was re-reading Harry Potter, I think :P)

What I’ve done all this ranting for, I guess, is merely to say:

I miss these

In Japan you had these lovely textured yellow lines run down the street.
I don’t have a lot of problems navigating streets while reading a book, but crowds do take a fair bit of concentration.
These things though, these things made it so much nicer.
I could walk from the Yoyogi station to my language school in 15 minutes and never take my eyes away from my book.
It was awesome.
Just stay aware of the bright yellow road stretching out in front of you, the texture under your feet and the flow of your narrative.

They’re for blind people btw.
So if you do find yourself enjoying a book down the streets of Tokyo and someone comes the other way, get off the damn track.

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