Beaches of Cuba

I don’t want to ruin this one with too much text.
I’ll just mention where the beach in question is plus a link to google maps for each one in case you’re interested.
Also, no underwater camera to show the things we saw in the sea off these beaches sadly.

Other than that. Enjoy

Maria la Gorda

Off the western end of Cuba in the middle of a giant nature reserve. If you dive, this is worth a visit.

Bay of Pigs

There’s history here if you’re interested in it. If you’re not, there’s excellent diving, snorkelling, food and lazing here.

Playa Giron
More specifically, Playa Coco (the beach) in Playa Giron (the town). Came with palm tree leaves hut with enterprising local selling fresh coconuts and rum.

Punta Perdiz
Snorkel/dive here!

Playa Larga

We did a few more beaches

But we were busy being bums on them, so no pictures.


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