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I need your help guys

Thursday, October 9th, 2014


I’m now well into my thirties

Balding badly


Switching companies


And now I have a drivers license

There is one last step to make, and I need your help




Bring on the mid-life crisis!

Harz trip

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

The Harz is German for “The Heart”. It is, however, situated in northern Germany.
You can probably deduce when the place was named based on the history and locations of the various German Kingdoms. But I won’t go into that. There’s a proclamation of Charlemagne that mentions it by that name though so it’s pretty old if you want to look into it yourself.

Being in northern Germany though means that we can reach it easily though and we don’t really have to go into how the name isn’t very accurate or appropriate in the current political climate.

However, there is a small naming issue. There is the Harz, and then there is the Harz. One is the area, the other is the national park.

So I thought to go to the second and upon arriving found out about the existence of the first. Considering we’d booked a hotel there we just went with it. Also, this leaves us with a good reason to return.

We stayed in a nice pension at Goslar that allowed dogs so Orion came along.

Goslar is a nice little fairytale village that doesn’t exist in the real world and it looks quite nice.

If ever you need to leave the real world and visit a fairy tale location I heartily recommend it. Although, please read up on original Grimm fairytales and their ending. Disney has no place in this town

Goslar was founded in 922 AD, although it is widely assumed that it has been settled since pre-Roman times. The town is famed for its magnificent gates and ramparts, the medieval Imperial Palace, Romanesque churches, its half timbered guild houses, the ancient Rammelsberg ore mine… and its witches [1]

Being on the recovery side we did some nice hiking in the Harz area (but not the Harz national park).

Photos can be found here.

Oh, and another word of warning.

That is a full sized spoon in there.
And that’s a cappuccino next to it