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Oktober time in Germany

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Oktober time in Germany means one thing to many people. Oktoberfest.

In face, most people would miss most of Oktoberfest because the bulk of Oktoberfest is in September.
Maybe that’s a left over from the Julian Calendar, Oktoberfest being such an old tradition an all.

Oktoberfest is about 2 things:

  • Beer
  • Sausages

Actually, it’s mostly about beer. It’s just really hard to have beer without sausages in this country. They’re just ALWAYS there!


I suppose there’s a couple of other things. The tents, the drindl and the schlager. But for today we will focus on beer.

Beer is big deal here.
Germany has the second largest beer consumption per capita in the world[1] up from 4th in 2004.
The stein is an internationally recognized symbol of German beer.
There are 1300 brewers here, something I believe to be the 2nd largest amount per country (although the internet is having trouble coming up with a uniform answer to that) and per capita it easily trounces said list leader.

The character of beer can vary enormously, Bavarian beers (and Bavaria is kind of king of beers within Germany; quantity at least, flavour being rather personal of course) are very different than the stuff they brew up here.
There’s wheat beers and pale beers and dark beers, oh my.

There’s also, and this is the reason of writing this, the Isotonic beer.

You know the isotonic drinks, it’s what you drink after exercising because of useful additives or smthg.

Well, here in Germany we have the very best of isotonic drink:

No, seriously, click on the picture, it should take you to a review of the stuff as sports drink.

Whereas in the Netherlands alcohol free beers get ridiculed by celebrities[2] in Germany they are exploring new marketing angle and it appears to do so successfully [3].

And now that I’m exercising again I’ll be sure to do it German style, with a beer afterwards.
For health reasons, of course.


This, btw, is what the Danes do with Beer.