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Germany vs the working man

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

So I’ve been in Germany a while now and there’s an aspect of living here that really annoys me.

Back in this post I mentioned my local bank being opened until 18:00 TWICE during the week. The rest of the week, they close at 16:00. I live next to two banks and both have this. Being considerate to people that live there their 18:00 days coincide.

It isn’t just banks either.
Bike stores close by 18:00 (and 13:00 on Saturdays)
I am trying to get a new apartment, no visitation has ever been later than 18:00The pet store closes at 18:00
Post offices close at 18:00
Gaming shops close at 18:00
I live next to a coffee shop that closes at 18:00

Basically, if you want to get something from a shop that isn’t a LIDL or a H&M it closes at 18:00

This really sucks if you . . . you know. Work.

This week I had to leave work early for two days so I could do stuff with stores and once because of viewing an apartment (which was 200 euro more expensive and 8 m2 smaller than advertised btw, and that sales lady surprised a room full of people that had to leave work early to see this place were annoyed with her). And this week I didn’t need to do anything with post or a bank.

Possibly it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t work on the outskirts of the city as well as on the wrong side of a large river to the entire rest of the city.

Can you imagine that arrangement before internet banking, though?

Turns out

And this was quite shocking to me

Turn out that the employees of these places are people too.

People with hopes and dreams, that want to get home at a reasonable hour as well.
Something something family something something social life something something.

Which brings me back to those places that are opened after 18:00, if you work the cash-register at the LIDL your hopes and dreams were likely crushed years ago so your managers don’t feel bad having you work later.

Considering I can fill my time at work any way I like: 9-17, 7-15, 6-14 (And we added an additional ferry before 05:30 because enough people show up at this time), I can work around the stuff mentioned in this post.

But it is still kind of annoying.