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Winter in Hamburg

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

It’s been a while.

But then again, the admin part of this blog has been down with technical issues for a while and I haven’t had time to fix it.

So now it’s fixed and I have to write something.
Something culturally relevant, or maybe something specific about Germany, something funny or you know . . .  euhm, something with words.

So it’s winter is Hamburg and it is quite a bit different from winter in Seoul.

It’s cold, little change there. But it is cold in a different way. You see Seoul was cold and dry, Hamburg is cold and wet.
This creates some interesting problems.

Now, the thing with cold things in humid air is that you get condensation.
The thing with sub-zero temperature is that condensation then freezes.
So every morning I come down to this:

Gorgeous isn’t it.

My first ride on this gorgeous bike was a bit eventful, however, as HOYSHITFUCKMYBRAKESDON’TWORK!!!!!

That’s right. Not only is frost gorgeous at times, it is also very good at . . . freezing things in place.
My brakes
My gears
My chain
My lock

All of it didn’t move. Hell, you’d think that when you have to re-apply a stiff chain you think about stuff like brakes, but you’re actually a bit to distracted pondering what the hell has to happen to freeze links of a chain together.
I’ve gone through a lot of teflon spray this winter.

In Seoul, the winters were so dry our local pond would be empty after 3 months of winter. The ice just sublimated.

Here . . . . not so much.

I was lucky enough to be incapacitated on an unrelated note, but 2 weeks ago we couldn’t take our ferry to work. Why?

Our ferry landing looked like this:
Now, with the freezing temperatures you’d think there was ice in that picture. But the ice was actually further inland.

The bicycle park places at that ferry place acts as debris catchers and now, 2 weeks later, there’s still plenty of 60 cm high frozen piles of ice, reeds and debris that have handily caught bicycles until spring.

Taking the bicycle to work though. Gorgeous. Cold, but gorgeous.

I like winters here, I think.