ILA 2012

OK, so for those of you that follow these kinds of things. The ILA was in early September. Pictures are only now posted because I’m a lazy slob.
That’s pretty much the entire reason.
Nothing to do with having a computer die and having to build a new one before being able to extract my hard-disk to actually post pictures.

For those of you not in the know, there are a bunch of European airshows and the ILA is a big one that returns every two years to Berlin. This one was just last week. I last went there in 2006 as well with EUROAVIA, as a matter of fact, let me interrupt writing this for a second to upload some of those pictures as well.
And TADAAAAAA, through the magic of not publishing until you actually finish the entire piece, there it is.
So, in 2006 I went there and had a good time.
This time I lived 400 km closer, I got a free ticket from Airbus and a free ride (and dinner) from Heinkel. So Yeeh!

I’ll just leave a link to the pictures here and you can stop reading.

But there are a few pictures that deserve captions.

Like “Wait, this Tigre simulator is fully realistic, you say?”

There was a reason I didn’t become a fighter pilot, but an engineer. The same reason as to why the canopy is up in this picture. I am too tall to fit in these cockpits.

The thing about big airshows is that you see all the big aircraft, but I also really liked the smaller ones.

Launch powered by elastic bands. Watch out girls, your ponytail hides the power to hunt Bin-Laden.

This one comes with a launch trailer. There was also a bunch of hand-launched ones of which I don’t have good pictures.

These things are handily controlled by these btw. And I’m not just exited about this just because I just got a new computer built and will be looking at maybe shooting stuff with one of them babies. Hell, who am I kidding, I might just get one of these instead of a sissy joystick like that. Does make for cozy LAN parties I suppose though.

I thought this one would be worth noting as I’m not entirely sure how this soot stain come about. There was either a strong-ass rear wind or another fighter was showing its dominance.

One thing I, unfortunately, did miss (because the thing landed, that’s where my interest stopped. Silly me) was this:

It’s not that I don’t have pictures of it, I had actually just turned around and saw this the same way as you, on Youtube.

This is a Messerschmidt-109, the most produced fighter aircraft in the world, landing with a decent side-wind. This aircraft was known for this issue and I suppose it was nice of them to show that aspect of the plane, though I’m sure it wasn’t entirely according to plan.

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