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New York trip

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

So, I’ve been forced out of Germany on 5 occasions during my 4 months here for social occasions one really shouldn’t miss.
I’ve had more relaxing homes, to be honest.

The latest occasion was my sister’s PhD ceremony. I was a bit confused about the whole thing as the defence was before, so she already graduated, but then she graduated on basis of some research papers which will be published (and written) before the end of this year.
BUT, I am not in academia and as such I’m probably missing something.

The occasion was actually more diversified than just the PhD. Apparently it had been 3.5 years since the entire family had sat down for dinner together, so there was that reason to travel across the pond. First family dinner started on my day of arrival at 19:45 local time. Which is about 01:45 time of wake up and approximately 22 hours after waking up that morning. I’m pretty sure the people wanted this to happen badly were mighty happy with my contributions to conversation that night.

And then was the visiting of old friends, culinary sampling and generally touristing around.

All pictures can be found here. But I’ll showcase a few as well.

First off. Osprey! WOOT.
Also, for anyone interested in aircraft/NY combos, I suggest you take in a Mets game. The new stadium is just down from the 13/31 runway. Given the right winds you’ll see lots of aircraft coming in/taking off during the game. You may miss a few homers though.

Mandatory Lady Liberty shot

Eugh . . Old people. They smell funny

This is the new version of those two towers that came down in 2001 btw.

New York, duh. Where else did you think this was?

They’re not related.

Oh right, but I came to the US for a specific reason. Considering this blog it’ll have the be the reason I first mentioned as I don’t think I took any pictures of the entire family together.
Typical. Still, yet more signs of why it’ll be a long time before I can provide an updated Raph&Wally photo for the mantlepieces of interested parties.
Carnegie Hall

Oh right, I wasn’t the only one to fly out for this celebration. I got to see that part of the family again as well. Next to that I got to see my sister’s in-laws, and in fine form I did not take any pictures of them.
Didn’t get to meet my nephews though. Next time I go to the states I will claim my uncle right to pinch their cheeks and burble excitedly on the side of their cribs.

And Applause

I also managed to get in Manhattanhenge, a nice little recurring phenomenon which allows for really good pictures.
Unless you’re in a restaurant on the wrong side of town in which case the pictures are merely alright.

This castle was not on a hill watching over the local populace, it was actually on another building. Pretty cool building.

I was actually looking for someone else, but I came across this guy. Pretty cool I guess:P
There’s a bunch of other rooms in this museum, some of them with pretty descriptive names like the “Hall of African Mammals”. This hall is on a completely different floor than the “Hall of stuff long dead” where one can find the dude pictured above.
In the Hall of African mammals I came across a lovely lady, who pointed at the elephant in the middle of the room yelling at her daughter “Look honey, more dinosaurs”
I did not roll my eyes as hard as her “MOM, you’re embarrassing me” daughter.

A good neighbourhood, you can tell.

Good food, good company

I only had a week of New York, where my parents and assorted other family-members went on to burn in the American deserts, but I enjoyed my trip. Got to see some nice things, meet some nice people and I incurred a horrible jetlag. Travel, huzzah!.