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Life still not settled

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Hello everyone.

So I’ve been busy n’ stuff. Not much interesting blogposts result from being busy n’ stuff.

I came here in the heart of winter and one of the first things I got to experience was a once in a 15 year occurrence. Ausenalstereisvergnugen. It doesn’t often get cold enough here for the ausenalster to freeze enough to carry the entire population of Hamburg, but 2012 was one such a year. It was kind of cool although I didn’t have my skates there to scare the bejezus out of innocent people.

Since then I’ve kept myself busy looking for a place to live and I may just have found one. I’m living there now, of course, but it remains to be seen if we’ll stay here for any length of time. The place does come with internet though (well, I had to have it installed of course) which is a vast improvement on my previous lodgings.

The thing about not having a home or internet is that I spent a lot of my weekends searching for one on the other. The other being provided free at Starbucks or a (very) select few cafés. And the thing about spending your weekends in a café with a laptop on your lap is that you don’t end up doing as many exciting things as one might.

There were a few things I noticed while I’ve been here:

  • God, people are pale here. And blonde, my bog people are white and blond here.
  • Germans drink beer. A lot of beer. And everywhere. Been on public transport is very normal, in weekends almost the norm. And this isn’t even Bavaria, where I’ve been told it is worse. With Airbus being a company located in a country where drinking beer (Germany) or wine (France) at lunch  (Not to sure about Spanish lunch customs) is customary and Airbus being a company where operating heavy machinery after lunch is also sometimes a thing this creates a nice situation. It’s banned btw, none of your aerial transports have been put together while drunk.
  • Fried potatoes come with bacon. Always.
  • It’s so nice living in a country with decent bread and beer readily available.
  • Punk is not dead, though it is getting very hard to take it seriously.
  • People are still short. Taller than Koreans, but still short.

Now there’s another thing that’s been keeping me from experiencing exciting things I could write down and claim as my own interesting story.
People keep getting married.
Takes up a lot of time, you know. Visiting those weddings. Very nice though, both of them and I look forward to the 3rd one in two weeks. But those are not my stories to tell.

And now, it is spring in Hamburg. So in one blogpost ice and flowers.

The problem with the Germans is that they’re just not different enough compared to my arbitrarily chosen version of normal. So not much they do strike me as weird and as a result this blog suffers.
I’ll be sure to head to South America soon.