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Japan (again)

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Yes, I know. Japan AGAIN.

Eugh. So Passé.

Anyway. We went back to Japan. 1 weeks worth of holiday. The top of my head did not approve. The rest of me was happy.

First of all, I’d like to dedicate this post to the heroes of the holiday

Two 200 yen umbrellas from the daiso.

Yes, the weather sucked and these things saved us from pneumonia. For 5 days straight.

First stop was Fukuoka. There’s a hydrofoil boat that takes us from Busan there in 3 hours and it’s quite a bit cheaper than flying. With the yen at the exchange rate what it currently is, that was a welcome money saver.
Not that much cheaper though, as it turned out. The tickets are cheap, but then they tax another 40% out of you for fuel and terminal use. Very classy.

Fukuoka is known for many things. Canal city is one, but I’d seen that in 2008 already. The street food ramen is another.

Little carts like these are all along the canals and on street corners.

And the food is not bad either. With this kind of cooking

Getting quite a varied clientèle.

We’d planned to spend some time on the beach. Found a pretty one btw.

Sadly, the places with roofs on them didn’t have this view.
But they were dry, so we forgive them.

Because Fukuoka wasn’t going to offer us anything with this weather we headed inland.

To Takachiho. The first thing we learned there was that our creation theories have been operating under a slight spelling error.

Cods . . . Not Gods. Silly us

The reason we came here was the gorge.

Good Visuals

And with added excitement built in.

That came down in front of our eyes.

After excitement comes zen

Back in Fukuoka we found this gem

A Belgian beer bar. That’s a Kwak, a Karmeliet, 3 different Chimays, Cuvee des Trolls, Delirium, St. Louis, Scotch Silly and a few more that probably deserve mention.
1 year of living in the country of Cass, Hite and Max will bring a man to pay the ridiculous prices they charge. But it was goooooood.

The next day was the first day of sunshine and the last day of our holiday.

Nokonoshima Island it right off the coast of Fukuoka. And it looks like this:

Aaaaaaaand that’s all we saw of this gorgeous island.
On that little slip of land at the end there we found a corpse.
That kind of took the rest of the day. Not the finding, the police things afterwards.

As mentioned, our last day. So yeah, we ended with a corpse.

I have pictures of that btw. Our Japanese is pretty good. 死んだ人を見つけました. But, we figured pictures might help relaying what’s happening.
Won’t post them though.
Probably . . . . wrong, or something.


Quote of the Day:

And if you are French – well, if the rest of the world persists in thinking you are amazing lovers, can you blame them for going along with the lie?

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