What to wear, what to wear

There’s so many things to take care of right now. The thesis is done.
I have a couple of days to wait for some feedback from one of my supervisors, but it’s done.

So now I’m in to details planning phase.
Where to go for family dinner
Where to go for drinks afterwards
What background to use in my presentation

And what to wear during my presentation. On my face, specifically.
You see, I don’t have a lot of room to play with here. I don’t have much on my head to vary. I am not allowed to show off any patterns I may or may not have groomed into other body hair masses. I have to wear a suit, and I don’t have the money to go all out there.

So, we have the Facial Hair Experiment.

The way this will work:
* You may put a vote on up to 3 hairstyles
* You may cast 1 veto vote
* Put your name with your vote (because I know some of you have less sense of style than me and your votes won’t count for much)
* Any pictures you have of other people with that hairstyle you want to liken me to or passionate reasoning may add points

Because I don’t want to make you all register to the blog to make sure you all only get one vote and all, this’ll ensure . . . something.

The contestants are:

A: The Full Face Beard

B: The Friendly Mutton Chops

C: The Mutton Chops

D: Sideburns

E: Goatee

F: The . . . . Evil . . . Something

G: The Simple Moustache

H: The Dread Pirate Roberts

I: The Clean Shave

Cast your votes . . . . .

. . . .


P.S. the manner of my facial hair will inevitably be chosen by my regardless of vote outcome

For more pictures of the Facial Hair Experiment, go here. Now would probably also be a good time to point out the new folder of Autumn, which so far is completely unorganized.


Quote of the day:

Don’t point that beard at me, it might go off

– Groucho Marx

10 responses to “What to wear, what to wear”

  1. aelle says:

    I put 2 of my 3 votes on the sideburns, and one on the friendly mutton chops, because I can. I use my special girlfriend veto to veto the goatee. You know what *that* veto means.

  2. James Wood says:


    A: Full beard
    C: Mutton chops
    G: Rapist- errr “simple” mustache

    Veto: Goatee

  3. aelle says:

    Right?! The simple moustache makes him look like an amateur pornographer. Still, not as bad as the goatee. “Talking cunt” is a phrase you cannot unhear.

  4. Wally Nes says:

    I got A, B or G from Spoo
    And a further A from Orceye
    via non-blog channels

  5. Tiphaine says:

    I only vote for A. It makes you look confident, and I really love beard. (This is no a sally about my fiancé… hum)

    Don’t you think the goatee makes you look like Simon Pegg ? http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/simon-pegg-2596.jpg (Yes, I know, that’s a really cool reference, but is that what you want to look like on that day ?)

  6. Wally Nes says:

    And what’s with the Rapist dig. Would you tell that to Jude Law?

  7. Jen says:

    definitely clean shaved (triple vote + veto)
    Really hate facial hair

  8. Ina van de Nes says:

    I go for the fulle beard or the cleam shaven. I agree with Tiphaine
    I don’s care much for the others

  9. holylopez says:

    CHOPS!! all my votes. and my cat’s votes too.

  10. Wally Nes says:

    Between votes here, in WoW and on the PPK the win goes to Full Beard.

    Unfortunately, due to a planning issue on my end my full beard wasn’t there yet when the time for the presentation came. Instead I had a half grown full beard, which looks exactly . . . . awful.

    You can find what I looked like here

    One last thing regarding the moustache though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80DAkfxLGwQ

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