The Apartment, part II

More pictures of the apartment!

This time during daytime, so you can see light conditions and the view. And an updated floorplan. I don’t have dimensions of windows and specific sizes of doors and stuff (Can’t find tape measure) or the bathroom, but this is pretty close.

Rooms 1 and 2 have east facing windows, so they get the morning light.

Room 2 in the morning light:

Room 1 in the morning light:

The master bedroom has south facing windows, so the morning glare won’t wake us up instantly, but the light isn’t as pretty yet when I took the pictures this morning as it can be. I’ll post more pictures at a later date.

The spaces of our house which aren’t inside the house:

And the grand space which I am still not sure may or may not be ours to use:

Panorama view from the rooftop terrace (click on the thumbnail and click on the loaded picture to enlarge):

Also, to show just how close the forested hill behind the house is:

Took a look at the fusebox btw. We have 3 groups. Each has a 30 amp fuse!

3 responses to “The Apartment, part II”

  1. aelle says:

    Our bedroom pic really doesn’t do justice to the actual room. It’s bright, bright, bright in there. I LOVE it! But we need better curtains.

    And as you can see from the panorama, we are within walking distance of the Hyatt 🙂 Fancypants neighborhood!

  2. Ina van de Nes says:

    You will be yuppies soon.
    Like the view, the appartment, and you rooftopterrace with loads of space to enjoy the son.
    Love Ina

  3. Wally Nes says:

    Skype tours are avialable upon request btw.

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