The Apartment, part I

So it’s happened.

In the last few weeks we’ve looked for an apartment, last week we signed a Korean document, which is, in all likelihood, a lease.

Today we moved in.

As promised, the first pictures. I’ll do more when there’s light outside.

When I get a mouse tomorrow and I figure out how to show dimensions I’ll finetune the layout. But for now:

Main room + Kitchen:

Room 1:

Room 2:

Master bedroom:

And some views from the roof terrace which may or may not be ours to use:


Quote of the day:

I think it’s fair to conclude that a sport store in Korea means either a Golf store or Hiking store

– Raphaëlle

6 responses to “The Apartment, part I”

  1. Tiphaine says:

    Poor Raphaëlle trying to clean on almost every pictures ! It looks big, doesn’t it ?

  2. Ina van de Nes says:

    Congratulation, it looks good. Big with enough space for the both of you,
    Nice pictures but you should have changed roles halfway down the job of showing us the appartment.
    Love Frans en Ina

  3. aelle says:

    I would must like to reassure Ina on the fact that she raised her son well: minutes after the pictures were taken he grabbed a mop and a bucket of bleach and did his fair share of the work

  4. Irene says:

    Nice!, both part I and II.
    Looks like you have space for visit :o)

    How’s daily life there under the North Korean provocations?

  5. Wally Nes says:

    We have space aplenty for visitors.
    Yet to score a visitor bed though 😛 But that’s easily taken care of.

    I don’t notice much, but I’ve got friends north of Seoul who report seeing tank maneuvers and re-manned watchtowers. Haven’t heard back from the propaganda tower activity yet

  6. Ina van de Nes says:

    Thank you. We tought him by not teaching him, so he learnt it because he wanted to.
    Isee that Irene will be the first to visit you. There will be more People like exotic places.

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