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Korea, the prep work

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

I started this blog some time ago when I was prepping to go to Japan. Covering some of the things I had to go through to get there, some cultural oddities and the like. Then, in Japan, I continued covering what was happening, to me, to others, to Japanese society covering more cultural oddities, TV weirdness, cultural conversions and you continued to read.

Now I’ve been back in Europe for over a year and a half and this just hasn’t been too much fun to read. Let’s face it, posts like this, this and this just haven’t been as funny as this, as amusing a read as this and as interesting a read as this. And I haven’t said much at all about Japanese Cultural stuff in a long while.

Well . . . that’s about to change(Well, not the Japanese bit, but KOREA!). With all my coursework handed in(though not passed yet, who knows what headaches that will bring yet) I can now focus on my final thesis. And my final thesis will include moving to South Korea. So I can now seriously start prepping for it. Starting to read up on what life is like there at different places in the blogosphere (I read scientific papers full-time now, I’m not going to actually read something like that about the South Korea sociological-somethingorother, dear lord, are you kidding?) and getting my first glimps of Cultural oddities.

It’s odd that because Korea actually is a lot like Japan in a lot of aspects not everything strikes me as odd as it would some of my readers.


Let me start you off with . . . .






“Pffft, English. Who needs that? I’m never going to England.”

– Homer Simpson

It’s official

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010