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Update BSc

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This was the status of my overview of grades this morning. 2 months after finishing my last course the people at administrations have finally caught up. (No, I was still 4 credits short Friday)


In related news I have yet to receive official word that I have finished it.

Nor have I been invited to come pick it up.

Also, it still doesn’t show any progress in my master.


People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children

– Bill Watterson

The Sick Girlfriend Saga; Day 5

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Over the last 4 days we’ve had the opportunity to see some great healthcare being performed.

Fans will have undoubtedly enjoyed counting the toilet rolls snorted in to, the vomiting, the chills and the fevers. As well as watched, with fascination, the many hours of fevered sleep.

Last night, a 3 degree temperature difference was measured and this new boundary now stands. As we go in to the 5th day of this illness. Will we see this record shattered? Will we be going to the doctor? Or will we even make a visit to the emergency room?

Stay tuned and don’t miss anything of The Sick Girlfriend Saga.


Last night as we recorded the 3 degree temperature difference (36.6 – 39.6 orally), indicating a 40 degree core body temperature we called the emergency line. 40 for me, is kind of a red flag.
The lady at the other end of the line, who during this flu epidemic must receive 50 such calls a night, calmly spoke to Raph and explained that we only had to worry if the fever lasted longer than 5 days, the fever reached 42 or she developed problems breathing. Considering all her airways are clogged with mucus of assorted colours we have been upon the last one for some days now, but apparently that does not count.
I went to buy more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and paracetamol (4 days of max dose gets you through those fast. But according to the nice phone lady the max is 4, not 3 grams of paracetamol per day) this morning. Should have enough to last us a few days and perhaps long enough to see me into the first 2 days of when I have this illness.
Laying next to a sick person for 5 days is bound to have consequences.