Wally Nes BSc.

I have been hard at work to finish school.

Don’t laugh.

And it seems I’ve finally gotten somewhere.

For the longest time all my Bachelor needed to be completed were 3 courses. Numerical Analysis, Flight Dynamics and Dynamics and Stability.
Unoriginally I had chosen the 3 hardest courses to get stuck on.

last 5

CT4701 is a civil engineering course in my Master’s list.
WI3097TU and WI3097TU-c is just the university doubletagging numerical analysis
AE3302 is Flight Dynamics
Ae3914 is Dynamics and Stability

You can leave one 5 on your list.

Wally Nes BSc.

My goal is to have that BSc changed to MSc before the end of 2010. Considering I have 3 assignments and a final thesis left for that I should be OK.


Quote of the day:


– Wally Nes BSc

2 responses to “Wally Nes BSc.”

  1. Inga says:

    …and I thought you had only tens?! 😉

    CONGRATS!!! You should come to the Board change on Wednesday so we can celebrate.

  2. Jen says:

    No the real trick is to pass D&S on a 4.6, which is a 5, which is a pass.
    How on earth did you get a 5 on numerical analysis? It’s all old exam questions, you can learn them by heart. It’s how almost everybody else passes the course.
    But I do congratulate you for passing them all in August.
    Congrats with your BSc. 🙂

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