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Memorable quotes for today

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

“Happy Birthday honey”

– Raphaëlle


– me


Yes, it’s my Brithday. Yeeh me! I survived 29 years on this clump of Earth.

My birthday started with a shower, breakfast and forgetting it was my birthday. I swear, if my head wasn’t attached . . . .
wait, what were we talking about?

Party coming saturday! 20:00, my place

International Talk like a Pirate day

Saturday, September 19th, 2009


That’s that over with. May his noodely appendage forgive my lack of enthusiasm


Quote of the day:

Wally Nes BSc.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I have been hard at work to finish school.

Don’t laugh.

And it seems I’ve finally gotten somewhere.

For the longest time all my Bachelor needed to be completed were 3 courses. Numerical Analysis, Flight Dynamics and Dynamics and Stability.
Unoriginally I had chosen the 3 hardest courses to get stuck on.

last 5

CT4701 is a civil engineering course in my Master’s list.
WI3097TU and WI3097TU-c is just the university doubletagging numerical analysis
AE3302 is Flight Dynamics
Ae3914 is Dynamics and Stability

You can leave one 5 on your list.

Wally Nes BSc.

My goal is to have that BSc changed to MSc before the end of 2010. Considering I have 3 assignments and a final thesis left for that I should be OK.


Quote of the day:


– Wally Nes BSc

Moving to a new, violent country

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

As some of you may know I’m looking to move to South Korea. Things are still a bit tricky as Raphaelle’s Visa issues need to get worked out and I don’t currently know where in South Korea I am trying to go to.

In the midst of all the tension between North and South Korea one can see how I keep up with current affairs. Mostly it’s been within my acceptable parameters, but something happened this week which makes me reconsider. I’ll get back to you how that goes.

Original article (Dutch)

Elephant charged with Assault

An elephant in South Korea is charged by a woman of public assault. The women charged the animal after he allegedly threw a rock at her

The elephant was said to have lifted a rock with its truck and threw it at the woman. The woman said the animal consciously aimed at her head.

South Korean Police is looking into the charges. Sources say it can not just be assumed the elephant is guilty.

A spokesperson said: “No cameras or passers-by witnessed the incident.”


I know life isn’t fair, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor

– Calvin (Bill Watterson)

Tokyo police act on train gropers

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Tokyo police have begun a week-long crackdown against the twice-daily scourge of gropers on commuter trains.

Undercover teams have been deployed on some lines in a bid to catch molesters in the act on crowded trains.

Last year more than 6,000 people were arrested on suspicion of groping or taking unsolicited photographs.

According to one survey, nearly two-thirds of young women have been groped on public transport. Some train lines have introduced women-only carriages.

Website ‘recommendations’

Tokyo police have begun what is being described as a “groping prevention week”.

There are conspicuous extra police patrols in stations handing out leaflets, and undercover teams have been deployed on trains to try to catch men in the act.

Gropers can be imprisoned for up to seven years in Japan.

Local reports say the police are particularly concerned that gropers are using the internet to co-ordinate their activities and form gangs.

Several suspects arrested in recent months are said to have told officers they had targeted particular train lines because of recommendations they had read on websites.
for the source.

Japan is a very nice, safe country. But this isn’t one of its better faces.


Quote of the Day:

“You Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

– Mohandas Ghandi


Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Yesterday I got on a train at 07:30  and got off at 20:30

Long day, very tiring, eventhough you spend most of it on your butt.

To compensate I’m going to the beach now.

Im off to the beach, Bitches

I'm off to the beach, Bitches