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The Summoning

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Another weekend of LARPing happened in the weekend of 7-10 august.

Due to exams I was only able to attend the saturday and sunday. But as a bonus I got to bring someone along this time.

I haven’t made a personal album of other people’s photos this time, but you can find the photos at:


Quote of the day:

well, what’s worse, ppl thinking my boyfriend beats me or that I’m a big nerd?

– Raphaëlle regarding her LARP induced bruises

Exam week

Monday, August 17th, 2009

If I don’t pass these exams I won’t get my Bachelors degree

If I don’t get my Bachelors degree I won’t be able to start on my final thesis

If I can’t start on my final thesis I won’t be able to go to Korea

If I don’t go to Korea I may lose Raph


Quote of the week:


12:34:56 07-08-09

Friday, August 7th, 2009

This will be in a little while.

According to different numerology belief systems this means different things

1. Individual. Aggressor. Yang.
2. Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.
3. Communication/interaction. Neutrality.
4. Creation.
5. Action. Restlessness.
6. Reaction/flux. Responsibility.
7. Thought/consciousness.
8. Power/sacrifice.
9. Highest level of change.

  1. 一(yat) — sure
  2. 二(yi) — easy (易/yi)
  3. 三(saam) — live (生/saang)
  4. 四(sei) — considered unlucky since the pronunciation of 4 is a homonym with the word for death or suffering (死/sei).
  5. 五(ng) — the self, me, myself (吾/ng), nothing, never (唔/ng, m)
  6. 六(luk) — easy and smooth, all the way
  7. 七(chat) — a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese.
  8. 八(baat) — sudden fortune, prosperity
  9. 九(gau) — long in time (久/gau), a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese

What will you be doing at 12:34:56 today?

I’ll be having lunch, hence the early post. I’m not staying put for such nonsense


Quote of the day:

“And I began to question everything around me: the houses, the shop signs, the clouds in the sky, and the engravings in the library, asking them to tell me not their superficial story but another, deeper story, which they surely were hiding–but finally would reveal thanks to the principle of mystic resemblances.”

“Taken literally, these texts were a pile of absurdities, riddles, contradictions.”

– Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum
(There’s a passage in this book regarding a lotto booth and the illuminate influence which I may look up another day)

Holiday pics

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

I’ve been back from holiday a week now. A 32 hour work-week.

I spent my holiday with Raph in Lille. There was a plan to go south to her grandparents but unfortunately that didn’t work out.

Due to her having to stay close to the office (as well as spending some time there) we were never able to leave Lille for very long. While in Lille we got to celebrate Delphine(Raph’s younger sister)’s high school graduation. Visit an alternative museum. Hurt ourselves in new original ways. Spend time in the kitchen and of course subsequently eating all that food. Entertain friends. Lazing and photographic in the park. Shopping for a new, more spacious appartment. Entertaining other friends. Finding the best little café in Lille. Finding the home of the elfs and spending lots and lots of time in the zoo.
Besides all I photographed there was watching the quatorze julliet fireworks from a penthouse patio overlooking the city while enjoying a few drinks and talking with friends. More grassy lazy moments. More terasses, drink and food. Spending time together inside and outside (well, more inside. The weather was kinda crappy).

There was my progression in the French language

Me: “What is this?”
French person: “It is the first right, then when that avenue ends left.”
Me: No, WHAT is it?
French person: “Follow me, if you see this you take a right here and then at the end of the avenue go left”
Me (holding up the map indicating I was well aware of where it was): Yes, thank you, is it a kind of museum?”
French person: “Yes”

This was how we found Lille’s concert hall.

Also, Iguana imperionations.


The parental meetup.

Discovery of art in unexpected places.

And other things I’ll keep within the privacy of Raph’s bedroom.

The complete album of pictures can be found here.


And on a small side note:
Yesterday’s B-day party of Sjors and Kim

The Wild West edition

There’s a link on that picture btw.


Quote of the day:

If you get thrown from a horse, you have to get up and get back on, unless you landed on a cactus; then you have to roll around and scream in pain.

– anon