Design Synthesis Excercise

Last friday I received an email that I was not allowed to participate in the final project of the 3rd year.

The pre-requisites for this is to finish your 2nd year.
Or at least not in that many words, it’s slightly lighter I think

But as I have my 2nd year finished I didn’t expect any problems with this.
I was allowed to use Japan as an internship as an exception (normally you have to have finished your DSE before being allowed to do internships) as I had all the requirements to participate in the DSE eventhough I hadn’t completed it yet.

This was 2 years ago

Last friday I was on the “Rejected” list


If I was not allowed to participate you can paste 1 year on my studies.
No buts, no excuses. 1 year.

And I’d have to fill my year with . . . any coarse I don’t finish now. Which may be as many as 2.

What if there were new rules?
What if some points were depreciated?
What if I have not known of the existence of some course for all these years?
What if some course I passed now no longer exist for the 2nd year?

beste wally,
je bent definitief toegelaten tot de os; vrijdag is het introductiecollege

met vriendelijke groet


Academic Counsellor

It was an administrative error. Probably caused by my being at school during 3 different systems for judging the Bachelor.


Quote of the Day:

Got it! concussion is “commotion cérébrale” in French. I do learn interesting stuff in this crash class

– Raphaelle

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