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Pigs coasting by outside the window,

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Satan turns up the thermostat while making himself a cup of hot cocoa after this mornings ice-capades.

And Wally is studying at school.



Quote of the day:

You expect something funny?
Something witty?
Something Enlightening?

While I’m here slaving away?
Get the F*** out of here.

– Wally

You know you are an Aerospace student when

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
  • After telling people what you study and they think you will become a pilot, stewardess or an astronaut.
  • You are not surprised if there is a 7th-year student in your 2nd year project group.
  • There is a supersonic F-16 fighter aircraft in the faculty
  • You can count the number of women in any lecture room on one hand
  • You have no life, and you can PROVE it mathematically
  • You sit in the train and think about its eigenmotions
  • You see people taking a coarse for the first time at the examination
  • You know vector calculus but you can’t remember how to do long division
  • You have received flying lessons worth 1000€ for finishing your first year in one year. . . or not
  • You’ve actually used every single function on your graphing calculator
  • The instructor of differential equations knows your name even if you have never been to his lectures
  • When your last 4 Deans have sworn to “reduce study time” into their welcome speeches only to give up within 3 years.
  • The professor of differential equations greets you by name when you come to review your latest attempt at passing his exam. Again
  • Every year, you perform wind tunnel tests and fly for one hour on the cost of the faculty
  • You can assign a physical unit to every letter in the English alphabet
  • You know how it feels like to be weightless
  • You start telling engineering jokes, a concept you thought was horrible at your arrival in 1st year and swore to never do something like that.
  • Lectures are given by professors, but also CEO’s, fighter pilots and astronauts
  • You realize that what you have been told about the ECTS values is a big joke
  • Since your first year you think next year will be easier. Then when you find yourself in the 5th year you realize you were fooled
  • Later, when you will answer the question of what you studied, you will say “I studied Aerospace Engineering” and even if you seem modest, you will feel good
  • Later, when you will answer the question of what you studied, you will say “I ‘m a Rocket Scientist, Bitch!” and while you won’t seem remotely modest, you will still feel good


Engineering Joke of the Day:

The functions are out partying on Friday night and things are getting wild! Except for a bunch of emo functions standing alone in a corner, who don’t appear to have fun.
Cosine walks to them : “come on, guys, grab a drink, climb up the podium! Try to integrate!”
“Whatever”, replies e^(x) rolling his eyes. “It’s all the same to me”


Twilight Vanquisher Wally

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


An explanation to the uninitiated: Twilight Vanquisher is the highest current goal you can reach in World of Warcraft in its current state. In the different reincarnations of the game there have been different ultimate goals. Ragnaros at the beginning of WoW, Neffarion later on and C’thun was the last one before The Burning Crusade expansion. That incarnation had its own progression of ultimate bosses. During neither TBC nor Vanilla WoW was I able to get the ultimate end boss of the time. Though my guild did down Illidan, the intended ultimate boss in The Burning Crusade.

With the Launch of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King getting the Twilight Vanquisher title by Killing a dragon with 3 smaller dragons at the same time is currently the highest attainable goal.

The reward for everyone present is the title “Twilight Vanquisher” and for one lucky attendant: That big blue Dragon

This little link will stay active for two weeks for people that are as big a geek as I am.


Quote of the day:

I’m a Nerd. Sue me

– Wally

Design Synthesis Excercise

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Last friday I received an email that I was not allowed to participate in the final project of the 3rd year.

The pre-requisites for this is to finish your 2nd year.
Or at least not in that many words, it’s slightly lighter I think

But as I have my 2nd year finished I didn’t expect any problems with this.
I was allowed to use Japan as an internship as an exception (normally you have to have finished your DSE before being allowed to do internships) as I had all the requirements to participate in the DSE eventhough I hadn’t completed it yet.

This was 2 years ago

Last friday I was on the “Rejected” list


If I was not allowed to participate you can paste 1 year on my studies.
No buts, no excuses. 1 year.

And I’d have to fill my year with . . . any coarse I don’t finish now. Which may be as many as 2.

What if there were new rules?
What if some points were depreciated?
What if I have not known of the existence of some course for all these years?
What if some course I passed now no longer exist for the 2nd year?

beste wally,
je bent definitief toegelaten tot de os; vrijdag is het introductiecollege

met vriendelijke groet


Academic Counsellor

It was an administrative error. Probably caused by my being at school during 3 different systems for judging the Bachelor.


Quote of the Day:

Got it! concussion is “commotion cérébrale” in French. I do learn interesting stuff in this crash class

– Raphaelle

Lille 3000 XXL

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The name of a festival that started this last weekend in Lille.

As I understand it Lille was the cultural capital of Europe in 2004 and they liked the attention they got so now, 5 years later, they once again organised a grand festival to attract cultural . . . stuff to Lille.

Or something like that at least.

All I know was that I had to go to Lille because Raphaelle couldn’t come to Holland as she had to sing.

Perhaps I should have done some more research into the thing. I hadn’t quite grasped the scope of the festival. The thing I went to was the opening ceremony of the festival while the actual thing will last ’till summer.
Perhaps there is interesting stuff to come still.

Things went much as I had expected during the afternoon. There were some statues. Some animal activism. I took some nice pictures of Raph and the rest of her choir. Though the rhythm of the chattering teeth wasn’t quite in 7/8 things sounded quite good.

The night came and it was quite a bit more crowded than I had expected. The baby statues’ street was made blue together with this square.

But lots of people and some blue paper maché over lamp-post does not a Festival make.

A giant internally glowing . . . well Giant does. Or at least it makes a decent starting point.
The dude just sorta walked along the square squishing people that didn’t get out of the way fast enough. He was followed by a ball and another giant. There was a drum band as well but they were hanging in a black sky with some lights on them. Didn’t really make pretty pictures.
While the giant came past a wall of people came up to greet him.

Further on was a choir of 700 people singing their lungs out. Due to poor lighting conditions I have some pretty yellow smudges on my computer for the people that really want to see it. Though one of the singers put some of those up on her website.

After that the singing the Giants took their leave and I had to undertake a measure of counter-survivalist behaviour.
Going toward big flames with cannonfire is something that has been tagged as a really bad move by countless successful generations before us. Yet I made my way towards it.

I should have listened to those nagging genes in the back of my head. 10 minutes later I was in a tightly packed crowd as the wind shifter and I got all the smoke of 2 giant bonfires in my eyes.

Beyond the fire (or in my case after a 10 minute detour. There really were a lot of people about) there was the closing fireworks.

All in all I would say that it was a nice opening for a Festival.

Next post: Paris, here’s already the link to the pictures.


Quote of the Day:

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire. What do freedom fighters fight?

– George Carlin


Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Sitting there looking rather dull in between my other pictures is Sakurajima.

In my post regarding the golden week travel I did a small bit about it

We asume Sakurajima is named after all the sakuras that stood there. We know jima is Japanese for island. Since the 18XX eruption of sakurajima (the vulcano, not the island) it is a rather misnomer. No island (peninsula now) AND no sakura trees.

Reports from BBC news tell me Sakurajima, where we bathed so quietly in hotsprings isn’t so iddylic anymore

Truth be told I’d seen pretty mountains before. I’d’ve much rather seen this.

Knowing now of course that there were no casualties.


Quote of the Day:

Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event

– Oscar Wilde