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Monday, November 24th, 2008

Winter has come! ! !


It brought snow.
Lots of snow.

We like snow. We don’t normally get a lot of it. Not in November, not anytime. Something something sea climate somethine something. Snow invites playtime.
And frostbite. But we’re not focussing on that right now.

Snow is the magical white powdery stuff bestowed upon us by the winter fairies.

In these times of globalisation it is becoming increasingly hard for pixies, fairies and other creatures from the magical kingdoms to do their job properly. Big corporations hate these creatures with a passion.

So too the Dutch railways.

In order to get my girlfriend home at 22:00 she would have had to board a train at 15:00. All due to the corporate racism. And the ommision of the small task of checking online for any delays due to work on the tracks

If I could have gotten her to Rotterdam all would have been fine but there’s no busses the on sunday. And all my motorized friends were out of town/out of the country/out of mobile network range. Taxi was considered and as I’ve done it before I know that under normal conditions there is no worries in getting there in 20 minutes for 30-35 euros.

However there was the snow thing.
Winter football II
Look at em playing in the snow tracing patterns. Two hours later (the moment our lack-of-travel-story) takes place you can only still make out yellow jerseys going back and forth. Knowing how high the snow is piled up outside I hope they have waterproof socks and some hot-cocoa waiting for them after the game.

The internet reports several kilometres of traffic jams on the highways to rotterdam  . . .
Long story short: Good excuse to have her spend the night.

Well, that is all. I’m euhm . . . going to . . .  euhm.

Yeah, Later. I’m busy right now.



UPDATE: Due to extended maintenance (Read: winter fairy resistance cell stinging where it hurts) there are no regular trains between The Hague and Rotterdam. Pendel trains stopping at all the intermediate stations are in service.

AKA Raph missed the connecting train in Rotterdam


Quote of the day:

You and me and a branding iron. We will set things right

– Rot


Friday, November 21st, 2008

As some of you may have noticed there hasn’t been much going on with this blog in a while.

Due to certain circumstances I have had little to talk about lately. You see my life is currently built up around school and I can hardly write an interesting blog-entry regarding my school life now can I?

Oh, there is stuff outside of school.
There is work, but I don’t think you want to hear about that either
There is the D&D campaign but that’d take too much background info for you to understand the awesomeness of my new Warlock. And then I’d just be bragging without telling you much of interest anyway.
There is WoW and the new WotLK expansion which I don’t get to play as much as I would like. Damn school!
There are the tales of my housemates, but one of em stopped speaking to me. I have yet to be told why. So not much of interest there.
My friends can write their own damn blogs.

Oh, but I’ve made some trips to Lille. This has been discussed before but now I have accompanying pictures.
Lille is the city where the Fair Maiden lives with her family. I really should see if I can’t make pictures of them so I can show you guys. For now I will have to do with some pictures of the city. I apologize for most of the pictures were made on my mobile and are significantly fuzzy.

The quaint little houses are of Lille
The local von Trap family
The eternal fascination of churches with the phallus
. OK, that is a bit of a cheap dig I suppose. They built a church with the south face made of see through marble with a glass outline to make that beautiful picture. Marble is partly see through when exposed to direct sunlight. The one drawback to this design, as most Lillians?, will point out is that there is very little direct sunlight in Lille. But it makes for a pretty view anyway.
The presence of a technical university with a Mathematical department can be seen in the local produce
Unfortunately for me the Lillians have been inspired in part of their infrastructure by the Japanese.
Some of the locals are very into alternative forms of house isolation with good effects I think. This building is located next to an small botanical garden building built in the honour of some guy who gave a lot of money to the city upon his death with as only small snag: Build a building in my honour with at least some of that money. With a full glass dome that building is quite nice to look at. Even though it has been unused for some time.
The local stalkers. Eh, I didn’t make that picture. And look at her next picture. Do I feel at ease????? NO!
And worthy of mention is a local cafe that gives real Hot Chocolate. Just for background information what most of you have always been drinking is Hot Cocoa. Hot Chocolate is made from real molten chocolate bar where as Cocoa is available in cardboard packages and made from powders: The result is far richer, far more fat, more yummie and far more likely to result in stupid pictures being taken of you.

Should you plan a visit to this city there are many many things to see. I didn’t even directly link the opera house, the churches, the chamber of commerce building (That’ll give me an excuse to post again about this place if the drought of subjects persists). However it isn’t all good news

DISCLAIMER: The local youth gangs are vicious.


Quote of the day:

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made president should on no account be allowed to do the job

Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams