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They came!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Anyone that has spoken with me recently will have heard my judgement regarding the weather here.

Its cold

Damn cold!

Colder than Hell on the day of the yearly Red Bull Pig Race.

And my winter clothes were coming back on a slow boat from . . . . well, Japan.

THEY CAME! Oh sweet Jezus, they came.

Don’t they just look lovely. And with the winter clothes came all my books. I rushed to my last open shelf in my book-case and . . . .

Filled it.

Yeah euhm . . . I probably should work on my organisational skills.

Bringing my total count of books brought back from Japan to 41. Combining with the 4 I had with me on the plane and the 5 I left behind that means I read 50 books during my time in Japan.

My commute really sucked. Have I mentioned that?

To be fair I suppose I should make that number 49 though. On the bottom picture, below Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys (very good book btw) there lies Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and I just wasn’t going to plow through a book written around a character that reminds me too much of myself during an unpleasant time in my life, thank you.

Anyway. Winter clothes. Yeeh!

I’m not really going to show you pictures or anything. I will just take this time to write from my overcooled room at uni, cozy warm. Yummie. Also, I now have more than the 1 pair of jeans to wear.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. I had one more. It just sorta . . .broke. If my clothes would not have arrived by yesterday i would have bought more. Honest.

Most of the stuff has been filed. Books in the bookcase. Clothes in the washing machine (2 months on a freight ship . No, they’re not going straight in my wardrobe) and euhm . . .

Half a box of crap left. I haven’t dared look too close at it for fear of the “Why the hell did I ship that crap. Why isn’t it on some Japanese Garbage pile somewhere” thought. I’ll see if I can remove 3 boxes from my room this weekend.

There are currently 4. That’s true, but what student room is complete without cardboard boxes.

I’ve been back for almost 2 months now. I reckon I should have my room in order now. But as my parents will tell you . . . No. Not going to happen.


Quote of the day:

– Bill Watterson

What the . . .

Monday, October 20th, 2008

It is monday morning 9 ‘O clock!

Its a holiday.

I have no exams next week.

And I’m at school anyway.

I never thought I’d see the day . . . .


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I wanted to write this post 1.5 months ago but got distracted.

Backstory: Sinterklaas! For those of you that are not of Dutch origin that have not been following this blog may wonder what this entails.
Well, If you look at the Christian name for December 5th you’ll see that it is actually called St. Nicholas. This is because there was actually once upon a time a Bishop who was raised to Saint status by this name. Nicholas of Myra worked for many years to better the lives of people that lived in what is now known as Antalya in 3rd century roman empire.

Yadda yadda yadda. He gave gifts. And as a child in Holland you are introduced to this mythical figure giving you gifts. Who the hell cares about he was a Greek born bishop in Turkey like a million years ago.

So . . . This guy comes from spain and gives pressies to the kids! That’s all the back story you are interested in unless you study history or smthg. Gifts!

Oh. And Candy!
Sinterklaas comes with his own specific candy. Kruidnoten, Chocolate-letters, Speculaas-dolls.
Sinterklaas is like a kids dream come true.
So I got home from Japan on September 1st. 2nd, I moved. 3rd I went shopping.

I came across this:

I am actually not sure what Yoda is doing there. But there were kruidnoten.

3! months before the actual thing. And I only noticed it then because I didn’t enter a Dutch store before (not being on the same continent and all).

Over the years I’ve heard many people argue about finding Christmas decorations earlier and earlier in stores (We came across some in Lille this weekend) and they’ve started selling these Sinterklaas-specific candies in the summertime(though app we didn’t have one of those this year), 3 months before the start of it.

We had to ban kids from bringing Sinterklaas candy into schools (Dutch only, sorry I doubt this made headlines in any other language) 3 months before the holiday is here.

And euhm . . .

Yeah, all around sillyness

And Yummieness

Damn those things taste good.

Next year. Chocolate bunnies in January!

Well, Fingers crossed


Quote of the day:

There are 3 set ways of going bankrupt. Gambling, Women and Engineers. The first two are fickle but will at least give you pleasure. The last one is the only sure way to reach bankruptcy while giving you very little physical pleasure. Congratulations, you have now joined this elite group

– Some guy speeching at Raph’s school to the graduate students

The end of the paperwork

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Dear student,

Good news! Your internship report has been evaluated with a ‘’satisfactory” . This will also been shown on Blackboard.

Good luck with your further study!

We would like to use your report to inform furture students. Would you be so kind to send the digital version as a ‘Word’ document (particularly the part of the evaluation) per email to me.

If you have already send this to our internship office, please disregard/ignore this request.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

The internship coordinator


Sound of the day:


– regarding the fateful statement “The end of the paperwork”