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Time for another post

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Indeed, and long overdue it is.First of all a few random additions. On your right, in the fun and games bit there’s a new link called Earthquakes in Japan
Second, there’s a few new pictures in the Random folder

The first is a tracking system for earthquakes in Japan going back a week. If you’re reading this ontime you can see both 4+ earthquakes of the last week in My and The Fair Maiden’s area. Just press the previous button a couple of times. And then some more, there really are a LOT of earthquakes here. The second . . . is pictures. They include a picture taken in a Hippy bar somewhere in a basement in Osaka. Surprising enough when the manager found out I was Dutch he didn’t ask if I had weed. But offered me some from his private stash.

Drug offenses
1–2 years at hard labor
1–2 years in prison
2–3 years in prison
Other sentences
3,894 (36%)
3,490 (32%)
1,791 (17%)
1591 (15%)

Drug law in Japan =>

On with the story though. Last weekend myself and the fair maiden made it back to Fuji-san. 3rd time is the charm and all that.

So we went to a different area each time and we can do this because:
Mountains are big
Big mountains are bigger
And the biggest mountain in a county is usually . . . .VERY BIG
Big enough to warret spending 3 weekends in it’s presence without seeing anything twice.

Please excuse this little explanation but I know a vast majority of my readers are Dutch and the biggest mountain in Holland takes approximately 25 minutes to walk around.
On crutches.
Spending 3 weekends on one may be an alien concept to them.

The first weekend, way back in September 2007 we climbed it.
Then in December we visited Hakone, Mt. Fuji viewing prime

And this weekend we spent around the Fuji Five Lakes area.

Now, this meant hours of walking and nice pictures.

Or, in case one forgets his camera, just hours of walking. I suggest going here for some proper pictures but I’ve uploaded some of my own aswell.

Now, as one can read in the wikipedia link earlier on this area has a rather sinister history. And this was well visable as we walked through suicide forest. Trees strangeling trees and snakes crawling over footpaths. Together with the gloomy weather and trees that have not regained their foliage it was a marvelous atmosphere. In the forest were caves. Deep caves, LOW caves, VERY LOW caves. Actually things got lower than that, but due to needing hands to walk on we couldn’t take any pictures of that. There were bat caves.

I have to admit though, no bats in the batcave, no suicides in the suicide forest, it was all rather a dissapointment. I had Raph along though so that made it all better. Between the forest and civilization we had some of this. And other than that the weekend was spent in not-mentionables. It was a nice together weekend.

Well, there was one thing. The Japanese Bass Fishing Championship. Out of sheer awesome I forgot to take pictures of that, shucks.


Then there was wednesday. I finally managed to get 5 of my colleages to come and tag along to “Oude Kaas. I reported earlier that they seemed to have closed 3 days before I arrived in Osaka, this was not true: They were remoddeling. CHEER.

How did I managed to get people to come where I had failed twice before . . . . I got my boss to order someone else to organise it. Simple.

Anyway, Oude Kaas is the only restaurant outside of Holland to hold a certificate by the Vereniging van Erkende Pannekoekenrestaurants. But next to that they serve a wide range of different Dutch dishes like Loempias, kroepoek and Nasi Goring. All very Dutch. Ok, check out the ☆メニュー button for the menu. After that it’s all in Japanese or Dutch so I reckon *most* of my readers can make due. They had bitterballen *GLEE*.

Oh there was so much good food, I made an exception of my vegetarianism for 1 bitterball. And then I had to eat 2 mussels to show these people who consider themselves fish-eaters-prime just how you handle one of those (pfffff, Amateurs). Other than that I had the best Friet-speciaal I have ever had. Garlic toast, a real pancake, stamppot, good beer . . . .Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummie. Just Yummie. I would offer you pictures but 2 things prevent me

1. It’s food most of you can have every day or has no emotional value, pictures would be meaningless
2. By the time I remembered the camera most pictures came out like this



Quote of the day:

It’s an exception

– 15 different日本語teachers regarding some aspect of the Japanese Language
– Wally regarding the bitterbal

I’ll see your springflowers and raise you a castle

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

OK, first of all. There’s this. The opening shots of last weeks Kyuudou competition. The opening shots were done by one of the sensei.

Then there was my trip to Himeji. Now, I’ve mentioned the coming of spring. And I suppose i could make jokes about the enormous amounts of Japanese swarming to this place.

But, how about I just show you the pictures and you can make up your own mind. Follow the last link, press slideshow; Enjoy

Springtime is here!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

He said while he took his mitts out of the closet again. It may be spring in Osaka and Kyoto. Tokyo may have the sakura in full bloom, but Sanda had ice covered puddles the other day.

Anyway, I may change this post later to a more detailed description of what occured during the weekend, but for now:

It was Kyoto, it had Raph and Falafely goodness.

Now it’s late and I’m going to bed

Click here for the Fair Maiden’s pictures


All this makes the world a safer place
I mean, it makes me less motivated to take over the world
Seriously, who wants to be an overlord to all these idiots

– Wally, regarding . . . stuff