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I am freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

I’ve just finished my last exam, and for the remainder of this academic year I am free as a bird. Free as a plane. Free as something extremely . . . free’ish

That having been said; The academic year ends tomorrow. And in what time remains I have to pack up EVERYTHING I own and transport it somewhere else. Most of the stuff only needs to travel to Alphen aan den Rijn, home of my parents, storers of my shit. But some 20 kg of it needs to travel ALL the way across the globe to a new home in Japan.

Yes, yes, life is still very hard. And despite my complaining I’m really very psyched. Psyched and utterly exhausted. But psyched non the less. And in that state I will now tend to those last details that need working out. “I”s to be dotted, “T”s to be crossed, you know, that sort of thing.

And then there’s worrying about what’s to come.

Oh, I don’t mean me in a completely different culture of which I don’t speak the language. I don’t mean packing up and leaving everyone and everything that I know. I was talking to Jochgem the other day and his bags didn’t arrive in Cuba with him and I realized that’s happened to me 3 times now. It got me thinking: WHAT WILL I DO FOR CLEAN UNDERWEAR should that happens again.

I doubt I’ll have another chance to blog anything before I depart, so I will say my “Farewells” here. Though really, if you’re reading this, does it matter from where I’m posting it?


So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

The sun has gone to bed and so must I

Got to be in the land where it rises when it wakes up, now don’t I.

– Wally



Of all the things I’ve lost

I miss my mind the most

– Mark Twain


No stress

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Last couple of days.

My new laptop decided to die on me. Well, not “die” die. It displayed a few BSODs. If I would please remove any new hardware and install it properly. It’s a friggin’ laptop, the only hardware I added was my mouse. Not behaviour I tolorate in a month old computer.

So I returned it, bought a new one. A better one, at a better price. So it’s not all a loss. It’s just that: I now have to redo the whole installation.

It’s tuesday, bought a new laptop, need to reinstall stuff

Wednesday, an exam, something I have to study for before then

Thursday, packing, checking, cleaning

Friday, moving

Saturday flying

I’m not exactly bathing in an abundance of time to do all this in.

No stress, naaaaaaah


Quote of the day: 

Orc idiology:

If he’s bigger than me: He’s in charge

If I’m bigger than him: I’m in charge

If things got fucked up: He’s in charge


Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Going to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to JapanGoing to Japan



Monday, August 13th, 2007

Here I am, a 26 year old boy, standing, facing life.

For those of you not intimately familiar with me, you’ll not know that I have always looked at myself as a boy. Don’t like it to be called “Sir” or be refered to as “Mr van de Nes”. It’s not that I fear growing old, it’s that I’ve never considered myself as such. And it’s kinda hard being confronted with it.

It’s always been my belief that the old bit isn’t the bit to fear. Let’s face it, time is a linear thing, and you can’t really help that. It’s growing “old” that has me rattled a bit.

But, here I am, a 26 year old boy, standing, facing life.

Now, I want you to say that last sentence out loud a couple of times, alter it where it applies to you of course. No good sitting behind a computer chanting “I am a 26 year old boy” if you really have breasts. But, should that happen anyway: post your MSN here and make sure you have a webcam running.

The idea of being age X and facing life . . . . is pretty scary. So say it some more. Let the consequences sink in. Really sink in. You are X years old, most likely your parents don’t care for you anymore. You have to pay rent, earn a living, get groceries, know how to prepare groceries into something eatable, clean the place you rent, have a social life, climb social ladders, climb corporate ladders, find a lifemate, KEEP a lifemate, keep in touch with your past, look to your future, enjoy your present. I mean: DAMN. That’s some pretty scary shit right there.

It is at this point you should be taking a few breaths. I mean, look at your life. A few years ago you went to school on a daily basis because . . . you had to, your parents cooked your dinner, told you what to clean, bought the groceries, friends were there and always close, you couldn’t spell corporate ladder, you had this guy/girl you occasionally snogged with but the possibilities of Lifelong connections, babies and mortgages . . . . were just not an issue. Had you imagined then, how good you would get at all this shit. You are paying rent, you are holding down a job/you are continuing your studies, you have a social life, you can cook, your appartment is pretty clean, you have prospects, you’ve learned from your past, you can see your future and if you’ve got half a brain: You’re enjoying now. That’s pretty impressive.

So . . . are we progressing through life? For myself, I’ve always sworn that I’d be quitting puberty by the time I could reasonably enter my mid-life crisis. I may be an adult by law, but I’ll be damned if I have to grow “old” to fit in to this society. I can do all those things listed above without becoming too serious with life, without losing connection with the fun things . . . . without growing up. And so: I won’t.

That is, I would, but for my body conspiring against me. It has come to pass, that today, the 13th of August 2007, pretty damn close to my entering my 28th year on this planet, I have now shaved on the new schedule of once every second day. DAMNIT. Next thing you know I’ll be growing hair on my back. And losing hair on my head. Eeeeeuwww.


Quote of the day: 

Pull yourself together man; You’re a Necromancer

Don’t think of it as dying, think of it as a learning experience.

The Party

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Dear Folks,

Like other parties of the kind, it was first silent, then talky, then argumentative, then disputatious, then unintelligible, then altogether, then inarticulate, and then drunk. When we had reached the last step of this glorious ladder, it was difficult to get down again without stumbling..

Party Review: 10 out 10

Who to invite & who you should NEVER invite (Perfect guest list)
How to invite them (People who can’t read probilly haven’t get a invitation)
Preparing for a party without having a heart attack (Wally have survived)
The best music to play to get people dancing (Yeah well there was music playing, but can’t remember where it came from)
The one thing you can do that will streamline every party you ever have (Wally’s Speech)
How to get your guests excited about the party before they even arrive ( I’m still thinking !!!)
The Ultimate Hangover Cure & (Alcohol)
How to create an incredible ambience (Hiding his romantic relationship with his co worker)
Feeding your guests without resorting to chips & dip OR setting foot in the kitchen! (Fantastic excelant Barbeque food)
Dealing with rowdy guests (Wally him self)

Have a won a prize for my commentary ?
Ciao or Dewa mata nochi hodo..



Ahhh.. another party, and one not muffled by to much music so another excellent occasion to be healthily obnoxious. Beginnings of parties are tricky. Nobody is yet drunk enough to have fun anyway, and half the people don’t know each other.. yet.

That’s a lovely time to begin discussing and provoking.. I think Rabia caught it quite well… until the unintelligible part.. where I usually stop. However, after that came came the getting wet (I’ll want that shirt back dude) and the excessive biting (sorry Jeroen, but you probably don;t remember it anyway ;) )

I can only start to imagine what happened at speakers, though most of you probably don’t remember either, or didn’t even get there. I’ll have to wait until the next dude / hot chick posts for that story.

So get on with it..!



 Well, I was secretly hoping that at least a few more people would post here. The other side of the new match. Either of the girls kissing. I dunno, somebody . . . .

But, I guess it’s pretty scary putting a report like that online.

As for myself, I had a blast. But apperantly I missed over half of it. Easy enough to do if there’s 20 people at the party and some of em are quite drunk . . . including myself of course:D. It was quite a shame Mayke had to go home so soon, but considering her condition at the time, unavoidable. Being that big of a chunk of my speech that sorta spoofed aswell.

BUT, luckily the party didn’t suffer from any of that, nor from the fact that I wasn’t aware of half the things that were going on. We had ear-biting, water-throwing, inter-couple kissing, bad presents, good presents, meat, new love, ineffective threesome building efforts, fun, music, sing-alongs, panpipe alongs, dancefloor fondeling, fondeling of other sorts, ugly presents, a brick, alcohol, more alcohol and (I swear, I ended up with more alcohol at the end then I started with) the fruit to make optimum use of the alcohol.

Oh, and plenty of help with the cleaning up between BBQ and Speakers. Not getting stuck with that solo was a good thing from my perspective.

Good party . . . .  hmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh and . . . . Like I said: I have rather more alcohol now then when the party started so . . . .  I’ll have to make sure I get rid of that somehow . . . . I’m sure I’ll come up with something.



We’ll do this a bit differently. Instead of me writing of the going-away-party . . . . You will be doing it.

Write down what you thought of the party, what you thought was the best part, what you missed etc etc etc.

Use the comment section or email me


OK, we doen het dit keer iets anders. In plaats van dat ik het verslag schrijf over het afscheidsfeestje . . . . Kunnen jullie het doen.

Schijf op wat je er van vond, wat je het leukst vond en wat je miste.

Schrijf het in de comments of email me


Also, on a completely unrelated note: Several people have reported seeing my blog in different ways. With the text starting at the top, with the text starting below the links on the right-hand side. With the pictures neatly sorted within the text frame and with the pictures horribly out of proportion. This is due to the pictures not being within set parameters of the column, or at least . . . IE 6.0 not recognising that command, as they fit quite nicely in that column under firefox and 7.0. I have the command width: 448px at the appropriate places in the code . . . . hmmmmm, I’ll work on that then I suppose.

Going LIVE

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

in 5





This is Wally Nes reporting LIVE from my blog.

Welcome in these warm surroundings where I will be writing of my trip to japan and, as the subtitle suggests, beyond. These pages will contain records of my adventures, my screw-ups, my feelings and my general goings on. Some of it may not be at all interresting, but hé: That’s as much a part of life as the interresting parts. I will also be posting my pictures here which can also be reached by clicking on either of the two links on the right hand bar. Next to stories and pictures regarding my life in japan and (again) beyond, I will also be posting things about the grander scheme of things. These articles will provoke comments (I hope), but what should be taken into account is that they were written for the grander scheme of things, and not everything will fit in that article. Some holes of reasoning will be intentional, some not. Article coming up: “Why we need global mantatory Birth control”.

I’ll write down a few points of what exactly is going on:

  • I’m going to japan for a year
  • I’m going to be studying Japanese Language and Culture for the first 4 months
  • I’m going to be doing my internship at Mitsubishi Electrical Corp. for the following 8 months on a subject I am contractually bound not to reveal (Wicked éh)
  • My first 4 months will be spent in and around Tokyo
  • My last 8 months will be spent in and around Kobe (Well, Sando City and Amagasaki City really, but Kobe is a lot easier to refer to)
  • I’m going to try and see as much of this gorgeous country as possible in my free time
  • I may try and see some other gorgeous country while I’m over on this side of the world
  • I’m getting sponsored for this
  • Free rent
  • €15.000,-
  • Life is tough. Isn’t it though 😛

I’ve started my preparations for the trip ahead 😀 Done all the paperwork and even started packing. That combined with the goodbye party I’m throwing today makes my room look like:

My room IMy room II

Doesn’t it just look grand? And It’s still 4 weeks to go. Hehe, might’ve jumped the gun a bit.

As you browse through this site you may notice that it’s been active for quite a while now, and you may wonder why.


This is the reason

I’ve been dating Mayke for almost 5 months now and at the place we worked this is not officially allowed. Co-workers aren’t allowed to date. Well, far be it from me to be thwarted by rules, so I asked her out anyway, that was exactly 5 months ago today. Well I knew the boss wouldn’t mind too much, and we didn’t work similar hours anyway so I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal. But if you guys knew, you’d talk about it, and if you talked about it it’d be overheard and steps would have to be taken etc etc etc. Hence, you didn’t know. But Coby did, so it was alright.

I’ve mentioned her quite a few times in this blog and to avoid you all (meaning other coworkers) finding out you’ve not been given this ip. But it was great fun playing hide and seek with this thing 😛

This is Wally Nes, signing off

Some practical notes: Still working on the appearance of this weblog, going to insert a relevant picture somewhere and stuff like that. And I may revert back to having you all register for comments, this is a slight hassle but I’ve removed 20 spam messaged from bots over the last 2 days and that’s just not something I want to deal with on such a big scale.