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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Here’s to always having something positive to post after post such as the last one.
Yesterday ushered in a new era for a friend of mine.

Sjors now has the honour of being . . . . . . .

Congratulations on that one sjors, you made us all very proud.

Visit his Homepage if you can get a working version of shockwave and leave comments on how he desperately has to update that thing. Maybe include the work he graduated on or smthg.

ARGH part . . . something

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

This is just something I copy-pasted from my post on the forum of people going to japan with the program in 2007/2008. I really don’t want to write I all again, as I’ve had to notify the office of it, posted ont he forum and called my gf about it.

After chasing a pipe dream for a while, I wanted a 13 month ticket so I could attach a month worth of holiday at the end. Now, I had been promised this could be arranged, but it turned out the extra 200 euros required to get this done would get me a chance of extention. For this I’d need a special circumstances, for which I don’t apply, and then I’d still only have a slight prayer of getting it. After paying another 100 euros.

So today I spoke to this person with a few well chosen words and decided to return to my old travel agency and go for the standard 12 month ticket.

Now, as you all know, you can’t book your return date yet because it’s just too far ahead and the flights-schedules just haven’t been made yet. This is solved rather simply, you book your return flight in may and a note is made in the reservation that the return date will be changed in . . .say november, when the schedules are made, to a date in august 2008. Free of charge.

After being on the phone for 40 minutes with several peopl of Virgin Atlantic. My travel agent had not been able to make this happen, not through any fault of her own as far as I could see. When the last person threatened to log off I asked for mt travel agent’s headset.

I asked the person to just check some things to see if I was correct in my understanding of how things worked. And if he could please write them down just to be sure, stating each time if I was correct.

The list was:

Virgin Atlantic offers a 12 months return ticket – Correct
Due to scheduling problems a return date beyond May 2008 can not be booked as of yet – Correct
To book a 12 month ticket I would therefor have to book a return flight before may 2008 and change it later – Correct
The price of changing a flight date is €100,- – Correct
You offer a product which you can’t actually provide and will charge me a fee to change it in that which you actually offer – Correct

Now, I want you to take this piece of paper to your supervisor and transfer me to him.

Now, you have to admit . . . . That was bloody brilliant.

It did not, however, work. The supervisor told us the same thing.

The main office of the travel agency is now taking it up with some other people. They promise me that something can be done to fix this . . . lest virgin is populated entirely by idiots. Which, I’m sorry to say, is a distinct possibility.

A pretty normal week

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

So why post?

A couple of things of note did occur.

First there was the re-building of the footballfield to fake grass footballfield right outside my window. You need to dig deep trenches so the . . . . cables can get in. The precise role of cables in a footballfield is not quite clear to me. Nor is the reason to start at 06:30 using the damn tractor to dig the things. I tell you: It’s loud. And it’s also WARM here right now, so sleeping with the window closed . . . not really my first choice.

But that minor annoyance has passed. Though one can only assume that it takes more big, loud machines to turn the now barren field with subterranean cables into an actual footballfield.

Secondly: Monday was good . . . well mostly good. Me and my girl celebrated 3 months together. We did so by going to a sub-tropical-swim-paradise thing (Tropicana to those that know it). I won’t elaborate on too many things that went on in there. But it’s me, my girl, very little clothing, warm water and a measure of privacy. Use your imagination.


It’s a public pool you pervert

OK, so I don’t actually know what you were thinking, but it’s a pretty safe bet the above comments apply.

One of the things that happened there was that in the fast wild-water course I got a booboo on my foot. I say “Booboo” because it’s really nothing. It hurts a bit, makes that I can’t walk real well. It’ll pass.

Or so I thought monday. And tuesday. Wednesday doubts began to creep in. Thursday I called the doctor and friday . . . .I picked up a crutch.

Turns out the booboo was in a rather tactical place. I hurt the Metatarsal-Phalangeal joint of the second toe on my left foot. Now, a normal injury to a joint is fixed by not using it. Walking, however, is kinda hard to skip. The injury is precisely on the bit you should roll your foot over when walking. So after walking around that bit for a couple of days (and feeling pain in different parts of the foot as those weren’t used to carry those loads) I got the doctor’s advice for 2-6 weeks of rest and the use of a crutch for the next five days.

So I got to crutch around at work yesterday for a little tiny joint ache. I felt like quite the poser. But I had experienced what happens to the nerve endings in my foot when I’m not being a poser. It wasn’t a tough decision to keep walking with that thing.

Other than that, pretty quiet week. School stuff, still trying to get my ticket, no kung fu. Oh . . . and no party, coz I can’t dance anyway . . . grrrrrrrrr

Oh man, I haven’t even reported on the University Lustrum party yet, have I? Well, some other time

Accepted . . . again

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

After being accepted into the program

Making sure it was me they wanted

I have now been approved by the university

Accepted . . . . again.


The Good Weekend

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Well, after the last post I was well overdue for some R&R. I had planned to start the unwinding cycle a week earlier, but a nasty flu halted that. But this last week was one of party. Thursday was the Bloed TM, friday was the spring party and saturday was Charlotte’s B-day.

Bloed TM is a series of challenges between EuroAvia and the SSVOBB. I’ll keep things short on that point: EA is a european association of aerospace students who during their active period learn how to communicate across borders and participate in international working groups . . . and of course we come together and have fun and stuff. SSVOBB (AKA Lambach vliegtuigen) are a group of students endeavouring to build a plane. 2 planes even. It’s not going well. It’s flown 4 times and they’ve been at it for over 15 years now. Ray Mears did it in 1 TV season.

This time the challenge was Monopoly (also of the TM, but of a different sort) . The organisation had done a magnificent job of adopting the board to our purpouses as streets hold little value to engineers. The board was covered in different courses which one could purchuse notes to, and of course the currency was: Beer. A minor hick-up in my participation was that I’d thought to bring maaike along, but a case of severe asthma stopped that. So I had to walk the old girl home and then walk back, as my rear tire had given way the day before and I’d written it off in favour for buying a new one of friday. So I was 40’ish minutes late. Long story short: Fun, beer and me winning. All important aspects of a good night out. I don’t actually know if EA or the SVVOBB won, as my table was but one of four but maybe someone will comment on that. I helped the one remaining svobber in cleaning up as the rest of the organization all had “valid excuses” for not helping to clean up.

Friday was the spring party. I hooked up with t-mo, jogchem and some friends of theirs to travel to Pijnacker, where the party was set. As a veteran to this party I have always known most of the inhabitants of the house where this party took place, but as veterans everywhere find out regularly: Time moves on, and so do housemates. So I knew but a small portion of the party-goers . . . . No problem for myself of course, but one of those signs that one is getting “old”. And by this I mean, older than the rest. Don’t write me off just yet.

The theme was “Oriental”, and while I have half a room filled with appropriate stuff I could only really wear a sarong. Experience in these areas stopped me from actually wearing it. Think of a kilt, but not attached quite as firmly. Not good. And obviously the practice samurai sword, while authentic, isn’t the best thing to carry around with my dance-style. The initial band “sucked big wet donkey balls” as they say. A style not unlike radiohead intros, but you know: bad. And with lack of an actual song afterwards. So basically 30 minutes of quiet strumming of a guitar, some piano chords and a little wailing into a microphoon. The band after that though was grand, a small ska band had me dancing on the podium for some time, ignorant of the fact I was impressing some girl. The DJ playing in between wasn’t too bad, though anyone that has to “look up” Prodigy – Voodoo people coz’ he’s not sure he’s got that kind of music . . . well . . . like I said: not bad. The alcohol was another one of those things scoring high marks that night. After 4 beers I switched to screwdrivers, and while I recognized them for being too strong it wasn’t till it was my turn that I found out that my past 3 longdrink glasses had been filled for 2/3 with vodka and only 1/3 of OJ. This realization had me switching to pure sodas instantly and I managed to not pass out for the remainder of the night (always a good thing). In the final hours there was a lot of dancing, some light alcohol and the nibbling on my ear. It started out with just having to talk close to my ear, but evolved into noses thrust deep into my ear, hip-holding and ear-nibbling. I retorted with some funny stories of the girlfriend, whom I was quite sure I had mentioned earlier, which did the job. It ended with an invitation to her own party . . . in groningen . . . oh, and bring your girlfriend. Yeah . . . euhm . . . I’ll think about it. While I had planned to leave the party at 3 max (had to work the next day) I arrived home while birds started their morning calls.

Saturday started lovely with me being late for work (waking up on time, but still having to walk the dog) but ended nothing short of fantastic. Charlotte’s b-day started for me after 10. While it was a little dull (in party terms) initially the combination of outgoing people, alcohol, good moods and the mandatory lesbian soon had things rolling. Literally. The B-day girl and the lesbian, whom I’m sure has a name but for literary purpouses will be referred to as such anyway, started wrestling for no reason apparent to me. The two of them kept at it for 2 hours aswell. Due again to an overload of alcohol I began experiencing difficulties distinguishing between reality and my teen-daydreams, and when encouraged to participate I made a point to keep my interference as light as possible . . . Mostly not to corrupt the lovely spectacle that continued before my eyes, but also coz I was afraid to shift my sense of reality back to those teen-daydreams. That would’ve been bad. In a REALLY good way, but still bad. In the end everyone was moving and dancing and stretching and wrestling. My god, it was good that they make clothes as sturdy as they do because I don’t know what would’ve happened if any piece had accidentally come off, there might’ve been no stopping it.

There were so many things worth mentioning that happened that night, but I’d like to keep it to the lesbian wrestling . . . . Well, there’s just nothing that will top it, is there. That night stopped with the sun peeking over the horizon.
Screenshot, or it didn’t happen

Good times

Oh, and the reason for all of this is of course: I can now report to my optician that these new lenses do indeed last longer without becoming uncomfortable.